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5 Dresses any woman should have in their collection

by sands fashion 14 Aug 2023

Fashion and style statements have shifted gears faster than anything else. Within the past few years, you must have witnessed the drastic changes in the fashion industry and its effects have left its mark in any fashionista’s closet. A stylish lady knows how to balance the trend and sophistication in their attire, make-up and choice of jewellery or other accessories. Do you consider yourself a trend-follower then your wardrobe should have at least a few best pieces of formal to party western dress for girls!

Here are the five dresses that any woman should have in their collection—

Exclusive Formal Dresses 

If you have a workplace to attend or even if you don’t, having a couple of western formal dress for girls in your closet is essential. Pick the colours, patterns and materials considering the seasons.

Blazers & Denim Jackets 

Having a few blazers and denim jackets is essential. While attending a party or a date, slip into your favourite mini western dress and pick a nice blazer with it. Pick a belt and shoe matching the blazer.

Skirts of various lengths 

Miniskirts are eternal. Fashion-loving women have skirts of almost all lengths from mini to midi and long in their closets. Pair up with a top or t-shirt to complete the look. While buying skirts, shop for knee-length or western maxi dresses online to grab hot deals!

Trousers & Jeans 

Your closet should have a few pairs of trousers and jeans. For formal days, wear trousers along with a chic shirt and a blazer. For going out for a movie, tuck in a T-shirt under your jeans.

Sports outfit 

Having a collection of sportswear is essential. Buy a few trending joggers and sweatshirts and pants for hitting gyms or Pilate classes.

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