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Ideas to mix and match your clothes to create a fresh look daily

by sands fashion 21 Oct 2023

Women have a reputation for being shopaholics across the globe and honestly, they are for the love of fresh designs and to look good! Even after having their closets full of ethnic and Western dresses, they often feel low on repeating the same fashion daily. However, instead of randomly shopping and overspending, be creative with your existing dress collections to look fabulous in your western pants women, shirts, skirts, and dresses overflowing from your wardrobe.

Try some creative ideas to mix and match your clothes to give a fresh look to your regular formal wear -

If you shop for western tops for women online then utilize them creatively by picking up different bottom wear and jackets. Of course, you can mix and match a casual top with formal trousers and put on a jacket to complete the look. Don’t forget to pick a formal pump shoe to give the final touch to your look!

Likewise, wear the same western shirts for women in your collections with a palazzo, cigarette pants, formal trousers, jeans, short skirts, and long skirts at your workplace. You don’t have to stick to pair them up with only formal shirts.

On semi-formal Fridays, if you have to attend a party, wear a western party dress for women and wear a jacket and a large belt to give it a formal look. If the neckline is excessively deep, you can pin it up for a few inches to maintain the office decorum.

Explore new ideas with your existing dresses and accessories to add freshness to your regular formal wear.

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