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Tips to enhance your office looks with western formal wear

by sands fashion 31 Dec 2023

Corporate employees and professionals in various fields prefer wearing western formal wear to showcase smartness, as well as, to match with the vibes of the work environment. If you prefer to be in a formal shirt, trousers, or a skirt with a fine blazer then you can keep experimenting with Western wearables to enhance your office looks.

Though “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, it’s a matter of “first impressions” when you enter your workplace. Shop for a few pairs of formal trousers, cigarette pants, formal shirts, skirts and mini or midi dresses for your formal wear wardrobe. You can easily add a twist to your western midi dress by picking up a jacket and stockings and wearing it confidently in the conference room.

Wear shirt dresses or bodycons if you have a leaner body. Women hitting the gym regularly can maintain their abs, hips and arms in proper shape. If you have that fine body shape, then slip into your knee-length bodycon. If you have to maintain decorum then pair it up with a matching jacket. However, wear it with stilettos and carry a chic bag to compliment the whole look.

Even with a wrap dress which is a party western dress for girls, you can flaunt your semi-formal Fridays at the workplace. Pick a nice pair of shoes and add a proper belt. Wear a jacket over it and remove it if you have a plan to hit a party after the office.

You can mix and match formal clothing with your gowns and western maxi dresses as well to add freshness to your daily avatar at the workplace.

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