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Tips to preserving your favorite clothes

by sands fashion 24 Jan 2024

Almost all of us have a couple of favorite jackets, LBDs, trousers jumpsuit western dresses and that we never think of leaving. Some of us are wearing our mini western dresses for women and other collections may be for over a decade and still can’t find it old enough to let go. If you also belong to this group, we have a few suggestions to preserve your favorite clothes. 

Here, we will be offering you some suggestions or you can also consider some useful tips to maintain your favorite clothes and to enhance the longevity of the fabric and the design. 

Wardrobe Storing Mantra

When you have a spree of western dress online shopping India, then you have to store the new collections along with the previous ones in the wardrobe.

Make sure that you are hanging those on quality plastic hangers or wooden hangers or buy clothes box organizers.

To preserve the longevity of the fabrics whether the finest cotton, silk, organdie, or chiffon- you have to be particular about storing those up. 

Get some air and light to the unused clothes

Like many of us, you may also have a few shirts, trousers, jackets, etc that you wear one or two times in a year. In such cases, place them properly on the hangers and leave a minimum 2-inch gap between two shirts or trousers to help the fabric breathe.

Once in a while, keep the closet door open so that your garments can come in contact with air and light that help in the preservation of the fabrics before you again buy western wear for women online as it’s a girl’s habit!

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