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How to pick & wear western co-ord sets for women like a pro?

by sands fashion 21 Oct 2023

In the recent past, the western co-ord sets for women besides the ethnic co-ord sets are creating hype in the fashion world. Right now, almost all women have known what a co-ord set is. If you still lack sufficient know-how, let us clarify it in the first place.

Co-ord sets are comprised of a top and a bottom whether it’s a palazzo, pants, shorts, or a skirt whether long, midi, or mini- of the same cloth. It’s a twin top and bottom wear, sometimes available in three pieces as well. Fashionistas often prefer wearing co-ord for formal wear or wearing them as a western dress for party! However, the designs and patterns vary immensely!

Here are some tips to pick and wear the co-ord sets for women like a pro -

Pick one size bigger

When you’re buying co-ord sets for women, pick one size bigger to look good instead of making it a perfect fit. However, you can stick to this plan when buying casual co-ord sets that you can wear by the beach or at parties, besides always wearing a western gown for party. Get the right size of the trousers and blazers of the formal co-ord sets where you have to look smart as always!

Pick a high heel

Even the fashion gurus of the world claim that co-ord sets should be carried with a pair of high heels. Instead of wearing a boot, pair up with your colorful pumps with six-inch heels. Women look incredible in such western dresses for women India and other places. 

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